Call for Papers deadline:
Friday 26th November 2021


We are delighted to announce the first call for papers for CWIEME Berlin 2022 is now open!


As in previous years, CWIEME Berlin is the place where engineers, purchase managers and CEO's spark conversations and find the components, raw materials and process machinery to produce the next generation of electric cars, household appliances, beauty technology up to delivery drones - to name but few! Bringing together all elements of the global coil winding, transformer, electric motor, generator and e-mobility supply chain for valuable networking and insightful information sharing amongst your customers, colleagues and peers – CWIEME Berlin really is the place to be in May 2022!


To ensure the content at our events is of the highest standard and informed, by the industry, for the industry, CWIEME has appointed a new Advisory Board consisting of well-respected and highly knowledgeable individuals who provide valuable industry insight and advice, supporting the on-going development and growth of CWIEME global events. Our aim is to have representation from across the supply chain on our boards, which we feel is key to ensuring we cover the depth and breadth of issues and opportunities facing the industry.


Our current CWIEME Advisory Board members are:

  • Ales Bertuzzi, Owner, Transformer Process
  • Claudio Vittori, Senior Technical Research Analyst – Powertrain & E-Mobility Component Research, IHS Markit
  • Jari Hyvonen, Head of Production Planning E Powertrains, Audi
  • Henry Stienen, CEO JL Mag Europe
  • Jurre Stienen, Strategic Account Manager, JL Mag Europe
  • Evelyn Gebhardt, Vice President Marketing, EMEA, Altair
  • Vincent Leconte, Director of Program Management, Altair
  • Giampiero Pari, Member of the Board, Marsilli
  • Saqib Saeed, Executive Director Research & Consulting, Power Technology Research
  • Hassan Zaheer, Executive Director Client Relations & Advisory, Power Technology Research
  • Mladen Banovic, Editor-in-Chief, Transformer Magazine
  • Raf Schuermans, Technical Senior Manager - Advanced Powertrain, Toyota Motor Europe
  • Konstantinos Laskaris, Principal Motor Designer, Tesla


You are now invited to submit one or two original papers for this conference for acceptance by the panel. Acceptance criteria will be on relevance and innovation and we welcome real life case studies.


Hot topics Include:



  • Regulation, Supply Chain and Infrastructure Outlook
  • Adapting Business Models in a Post Covid19 World
  • Industry Sustainability
  • Electrical Steel Market: Drivers, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • Government Policies & Regulations promoting E-Mobility
  • Policy, Trends & Developments in Electric Vehicle Market including FCEV’s and Green Hydrogen
  • Roll Out Plans for the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Directive (AFID)
  • Diversity & Inclusion in the industry
  • Charging infrastructure technologies and operational change impacts  
  • Charging infrastructure for fleet
  • Investment options across the entire EV value chain



  • Market trends & Innovations
  • Eco Design Transformers: European Commission Requirements
  • Electromagnetic Fields in Transformers: theory and computations  
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
  • Transformers for Renewables Technologies
  • Innovation Dielectric fluids



  • Adjustable Speed Drives Part- Load Efficiency
  • High- Efficiency Motor Drive Architecture
  • Insulation Technologies
  • Magnetic Sensors into Specialty Motors
  • Bonding & Accelerating Technologies
  • Rotating Machinery




  • Battery Market Overview
  • Options and Analysis of EV Battery Recycling or Second-Life Use (grid applications)
  • Battery Raw Materials: Availability, Costs & Sustainability Concerns
  • Energy Storage & Battery Technologies  
  • New Technologies for Advanced Battery Design: Application, Manufacturing & Commercialisation



  • Simulation-based Noise and Vibration Analysis of an Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  • Transverse Flux Permanent Magnet Machines (TFPMMs)
  • Recycling of Rare Earth (re) Permanent Magnets (Based on Nd- Fe- B)



  • Material Developments & Innovations
  • NdFeB /SmCo Dual Material Design for Cost Reduction and Secure Supply



  • Automation Process
  • Software Simulation
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain



  • Electric Traction Drive Technologies to Increase Efficiency and Power Density, 800V systems, SiC usage, integration level etc.
  • Motor Topology Advancements
  • Advanced Power Electronics Devices
  • Advanced Materials
  • Winding Design Approach
  • Multi- Physics Designs Of E-Motors
  • Advanced Measurements of Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials used in Electric Motors
  • Key Innovations in Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) Systems
  • Electric Light-Duty Vehicles (LDVs), Heavy-Duty Trucks(HDT) and Off-Road Vehicles Market
  • Aviation and ships electrification


At this stage, the only requirements are a working title, subject area and brief description of the proposed content (typically a 200-word abstract). In order to meet the conference-planning timetable and to ensure submission to the Advisory Board, please submit your proposal by Friday 26th November 2021 - please email your abstract either to: or


We look forward to hearing from you and to receiving your abstracts shortly!

The CWIEME team

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