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When and where does CWIEME Berlin 2022 take place?

CWIEME Berlin will take place from 10-12 May 2022 at Messe Berlin, Berlin.

How often does CWIEME Berlin take place?

Once every year, for three days in mid-May. However, in 2022, the event will take place 10-12 May due to COVID-19 related schedule changes. 

What sort of companies exhibit at CWIEME Berlin 2022?

Companies involved in the supply chain of coil winding, electric motor, generator and transformer manufacture and e-mobility.

What sort of customers will I meet?

Most visitors to CWIEME Berlin are either engineers involved in specifying the technical requirements for a project or purchasing managers who will be responsible for the commercial aspects of any purchase deal. You can learn more about the people who visit here

Where should I stay in Berlin?

Berlin has an enormous number of places to stay, but we have secured preferential deals with several hotel chains, in order to offer you the best value possible. You can learn more about accommodation here.

Who can I talk to about sponsorship or advertising opportunities?

Our sales team is on hand five days a week to discuss the sponsorship and marketing opportunities available. Just contact your account manager or sales@coilwindingexpo.com.

Are there other CWIEME shows?

Yes, there are two trade shows including CWIEME Berlin. CWIEME Shanghai takes place 7-9 March 2022. We also host webinars and digital events throughout the year. 

Who owns and runs CWIEME?

The CWIEME brand is owned by global events company Hyve Group. You can learn more about the group at hyve.group.

How long has CWIEME been running?

CWIEME began with the first CWIEME Berlin show in 1995. The 2022 show marks CWIEME Berlin’s 25th anniversary.

How many people visit CWIEME Berlin every year?

CWIEME Berlin hosts over 6,700 international visitors every year, from the worlds of coil winding, transformer, electric motor and generator manufacture and e-mobility.

How do I apply to speak at the event?

If you wish to give a presentation at the event as part of our speaker programme, contact your account manager who will explain how this can be accommodated within your marketing package or email sales@coilwindingexpo.com. If you aren’t exhibiting or you’re a working in research, contact our senior content producer alexandra.martins@hyve.group.

I am a journalist. To whom should I address my media enquiries?

Media enquiries should be directed to our media team at wurmann@bluegecko-marketing.de. You can learn more about Hyve on the Hyve Group media site at hyve.group/media.

What is my stand number?

Log into our exhibitor portal CWIEME World, your hall & stand number will be shown as part of your profile. If you cannot find your login details, please contact help@coilwindingexpo.com

What are my stand dimensions?

These details can be found in our exhibitor manual. To access the manual, log into our exhibitor portal CWIEME World. You can also find them on your contract or invoice.

What is the difference between a shell scheme and space only?

Space only – you will find markings on the floor. You build your own stand within this space and are responsible for floor coverings and dividing walls as a minimum.
Shell Scheme – we provide the carpet, walling and fascia displaying your company name and stand number.

Online Profile

What is the standard exhibitor marketing package?

The standard exhibitor marketing package is included as part of your exhibiting contract. It provides you with a listing in our printed show guide on-site, as well as an online profile in our exhibitor list. You can enhance both profiles with additional content such as company description, products, logo ect. Enhanced profiles are proven to increase buyer engagement, influence and motivation before, during and after the show.
Try to treat your online profile as you would your stand - dress it with high quality content, include different channels for buyers to engage with you, and promote your brand identity to make a positive first impression on buyers when they are planning their visit. Your online profile is likely to be the first point of contact with buyers and remains on the website for the full show cycle, so it’s important to add your content as soon you can.
Furthermore, you have access to CWIEME logos, banners and invitations to which you add your company name and stand number. These documents can be downloaded from your exhibitor portal CWIEME World.

Find below the direct details to our show guide and online profile contractor:

Wohlgemuth & Team
P: +49 30 20 88 640-20 
E: support.cwieme-berlin@media-wt.com

What should I do if I have lost or misplaced my login details to the exhibitor portal CWIEME World?

Please contact our customer service team at help@coilwindingexpo.com.

How do I change the contact who receives the online profile login details and communications?

Please contact our customer service team at help@coilwindingexpo.com with the contact you would like replacing and the full name, email address and phone number of the replacement.

Marketing materials

Where can I find additional marketing material?

You can find all available marketing material in our exhibitor portal CWIEME World. Follow the menu on the left and click on marketing materials.

Where can I find a list of exhibitors?

You can find our exhibitor list on our website. You can search the exhibitor list by product, product category, exhibitor A-Z and new exhibitors 2022. The list is updated once per week and a hall plan will be added closer to the show date. 

Exhibitor manual & operations

How do I access the exhibitor manual?

You can access the exhibitor manual through our exhibitor portal CWIEME World. You can find the link also in the footer of this page.

I have been to the show before, do I still need to read the manual?

Yes. There are a number of compulsory forms which you must complete prior to your arrival on site for each show - all of which can be found on CWIEME World. In addition, it is important that you login to check that all the details that we hold for you are correct.

Is exhibiting safe? What are your COVID-19 measures?

The health and safety of our customers, visitors and colleagues is our number one priority. We have incorporated extensive measures at CWIEME Berlin. You can find more information in the exhibitor manual or on our health & safety standards page for Hyve events.

Scam Warning: Does CWIEME sell data?

Hyve as an organiser does not sell data lists. Any email you receive that offers CWIEME data for sale is a scam and not assciated with Hyve. You can find out more about fairguide warnings and scams here

When will I get my exhibitor badge?

Please log into our exhibitor portal CWIEME World where you can register for your badge. You will receive your exhibitor badge via email to bring with you on-site, or you can have it printed on-site. If you need your login details to  CWIEME World, please contact our customer service team at  help@coilwindingexpo.com.

How do I order additional services for my stand?

You can order additional furniture or lighting through the exhibitor manual hosted on our exhibitor portal CWIEME World. Your furniture and lighting will be delivered/installed on your stand during build-up.
Please note: A surcharge will be added to electrical orders placed closer to the show. Further information on this can be found on the electrical order form or contact CWIEME customer service team at help@coilwindingexpo.com.

Can I park at the venue?

You are able to park at the venue. Please fill the corresponding form out, which can be downloaded from the manual.

Can I add a logo to the name board?

Yes, you are more than welcome to add a logo. Please fill out the name board form, which can be downloaded from the exhibitor manual and send it together with logo to GES.

What hare the height restrictions in my hall?

For the height restriction of the hall you are exhibiting in, please refer to your exhibitor manual.

Where can I download the floor plan?

We are more than welcome to provide you with a floor plan. Please contact CWIEME customer service team at  help@coilwindingexpo.com in order to receive your floor plan. 

Invoices and Insurance

I already have insurance, do I need to take out additional insurance from Hyve?

No, provided that you have adequate cover you don’t need to buy additional insurance. To ensure that you don’t pay for insurance you don’t need, please send a copy of your insurance documents to Inevexco (Hyve Event’s insurance broker) who will tell you if you have adequate cover to exhibit - exhibitor@inevexco.co.uk.
Unfortunately all insurance policies need to be handed in on a yearly basis. 

I have not received my invoice or I have questions to my invoice?

Should you have any questions to your invoices please contact our customer service team at  help@coilwindingexpo.com.

Thinking about exhibiting?

Can my company exhibit?

If you are interested in exhibiting at CWIEME 2022, simply fill in our exhibit form here and a member of our sales team will be in touch shortly.

International information

I require an invitation letter to assist with my VISA application. How do I apply?

As a CWIEME exhibitor, we are happy to support you in your VISA process by issuing a VISA Invitation Letter for you. Please contact our customer service team at  help@coilwindingexpo.com.

Couldn't find an answer to your question?

If your question has not been answered, our Customer Service is here to help - simply email help@coilwindingexpo.com your query.

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